Not Gonna Call It Love (Running time: 5:12) - Recorded November 4, 2016 at Mr. Goodbar, Buffalo, NY.

The Lady, or The Tiger? - 2017 Documentary Teaser (COSMIC VIDEO) from Cosmic Video on Vimeo.

The Making of Arta (Running time: 13:18) - Tap along as we lay down tracks for our debut album, "Arta," scheduled for release in 2017 on Strongarm Records. Recorded late 2015 and early 2016 by Matt Reilly Productions in Blasdell, NY.

Live at Central Park Grill (Running time: 15:09) - This video from May 29, 2015 starts with a minute or so of us setting up and clowning around before our gig on a hot spring night at the Central Park Grill on Main Street in Buffalo. The tomfoolery is followed by four full songs: BLOCKBUSTER (at 1:05), The Beatles' Fool on the Hill (5:43), The Vineyards of Song (8:53), and Uptight Tonight (12:10). Courtesy of Cosmic Video of Batavia.

In Their Own Words (Running time: 2:20) - Recorded Spring 2016 by Cosmic Video.

Chasing the Chimera (Unplugged excerpt) - August 2015.

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