The Lady, or the Tiger? is a Buffalo, New York-based indie rock five-piece
influenced by the melodic mastery of the Beatles and the Kinks, the moody psychedelia and art noise of the Velvet Underground and the Cure, and the general dystopian paranoia of Radiohead (and the Kinks).
Dennis Reed Jr

Photo by Mike Chrzanowski

Vocals, keyboards, guitar - Dennis Reed Jr performed previously with Buffalo legends Middleman, and is a recovering English teacher. 
Ryan Gurnett
Bass - We will be happy to discuss Ryan Gurnett when a verdict is reached. We remain confident that we will be vindicated on that day, and look forward to answering all of your questions in the greatest of detail.
Sally Ernst
Vocals, violin - Sally Ernst sang in choruses from elementary school through high school, picking up the violin in fourth grade and the guitar in college. There is a sporting chance she is drinking wine at this very moment.
Joseph Ianello
Lead guitar - Joe Iannello, in addition to being the author of several hundred anonymous blogs, is an avid indoorsman. The major motion picture "Armageddon" is loosely based on events that happened to him at a Christian summer camp in 1985.
The Rick
Drums - Meanwhile and anon, both before and after, The Rick abides.
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